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Offshore Incorporation in UAE/Abroad

Offshore Company Incorporation in UAE

Black Stone is a leading service provider for offshore company incorporation in UAE and worldwide. We offer fast and efficient facilitation and ensure that the process is completed smoothly and hassle-free. If you are considering opening one of the offshore companies and the bank account please do let us know and we will do the rest to fulfill your objective/s.

The basic aim and objective to set up an offshore company are to maintain and create wealth, tax privileges, conduct international trade, property holding, and asset protection activities, contracting, or consulting services.

We offer a complete range of services to help our clients achieve the best outcomes that include the formation and administration of offshore companies, preparation of corporate and business documentation, the establishment of bank accounts, and the provision of directors, company secretary, and nominee shareholders.

This helps ensure company management meets local regulations following initial establishment.


- A certified copy of owner’s passport

- An original utility bill, less than three months old with current residential address or tenancy contract

- A copy of owner’s Curriculum Vitae

- Signed Application Form

- Bank Reference Letter (if required by the jurisdiction)

When selecting the right jurisdiction, a number of factors should be considered. These include current political situations, specific compliance requirements, plus the laws and regulations of the country or state. You’ll also need to take into account the following (among other things):

  • • The nature of the business

  • • The residential status of the owner,

  • • What assets you’ll be holding

  • • Ensuring compliance when forming your company

  • • Understanding the local regulations and laws

  • • Banking

  • • Communicating with the necessary organizations and services

  • • Company administration

  • • Annual renewal fees associated with formation



Dubai (UAE)

Ajman Offshore Company incorporation


British Virgin Islands, Panama

Cayman Islands, Mauritius

St, Kitts & Nevis, Isle of Man