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Frequently Asked Questions
What is VAT?
What is the difference between VAT and Sales Tax?
Why is the UAE implementing VAT?
Why does the UAE need to coordinate VAT implementation with other GCC countries?
What is the standard rate of VAT in the UAE?
How does the government collect VAT?
Does VAT apply to all goods and services?
What measures does the government take to ensure that businesses do not use the VAT implementation as an excuse to increase prices?
How can one object to the decisions of the Authority?
How do I include my Customs Registration in my records at the FTA?
I am not able to download or print my Tax Registration Certificate…
What is a residential building for VAT purposes?
What is a commercial building for VAT purposes?
What is a supply in relation to real estate?
Is a residential building subject to VAT?
Is commercial real estate subject to VAT?
Does the owner of real estate have to register for VAT?
Can a real estate owner recover VAT paid in relation to real estate?
How is a mixed-use building (residential and commercial) treated for VAT purposes?
Will VAT be charged on the property I am renting?
Who can or will be able to register for VAT?
What are the VAT-related responsibilities of businesses?
What does a business need to do to prepare for VAT?
When are businesses supposed to start registering for VAT?
When are registered businesses required to file VAT returns?
What kind of records are businesses required to maintain, and for how long?
How long must a taxable person retain VAT invoices for?
How should a business determine the place of supply?
Can businesses offset customs duty against VAT payments?
How will real estate be treated?
What sectors will be zero rated?
What are the categories of exempt supplies?
Will there be VAT grouping?
Will there be bad debt relief?
Will there be a profit margin scheme?
How will partial exemption work?
What are the cases that would lead to the imposition of penalties?
Will there be any special schemes for SMEs?
What are transitional rules?
How will insurance be treated?
How will financial services be treated?
How will Islamic finance be treated?
Can UAE nationals claim VAT incurred on building new residences?
How quickly will refunds be released?
Will FTA issue rulings or provide tax advice?
Will it be possible to issue cash receipts instead of VAT invoices?
Under which conditions will businesses be allowed to claim VAT incurred on expenses?
Will non-residents be required to register for VAT?
Will VAT be paid on imports?
How will Government Entities be treated for VAT purposes?
Will businesses have to report their business activities in respect of each Emirate?
Will the goods exempt from customs duties also be exempt from VAT?
Can restaurants register?
Will tourists also pay VAT?
Is there a special refund for business visitors?
How can someone access UAE Tax legislation?
What other taxes is the UAE considering?

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