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BSTC Global Privacy Policy

Last Updated and Effective Date: June 21, 2021

The BSTC endeavors to protect the privacy and information of its website users ("Users"), and will seek to apply the following policy.

By continuing to use this website you are consenting to the BSTC's collection and use of information as described in this policy, including information about you that is provided voluntarily by you or otherwise provided by your computer or device in using this website.

It is the BSTC’s policy to limit the information collected from Users to only the minimum information required to by the BSTC to provide services or conduct its functions including, but not limited to, communicating with Users, completing Users' requests or to complete a transaction between the BSTC and a User.

Types of collected information

In order to do this the BSTC may collect, store, process, analyse, use or transfer various kinds of data from Users, including but not limited to:

  1. - Information about Users´ computers and about Users' visits to and use of the BSTC website (including Users' IP addresses, geographical locations, browser types, length of visits and number of page views);

  2. - Information voluntarily provided by Users to the BSTC through use of the BSTC Website. Such information may include Users' names, Emirates ID numbers, email addresses and telephone numbers;

  3. - Company information, including financial details, details of personnel of the company, maps or other transactional information etc.; or A User's credit card information

Use of collected information

The BSTC may collect, store, process, analyse, use or transfer this information for various purposes, including but not limited to:

  1. - Communicating with Users, including about enquiries, suggestions and complaints;

  2. - Sending email notifications, announcements, information or other marketing communications;

  3. - Providing additional services in the future;

  4. - Analysing the use of the BSTC website and the information referred to above; and

  5. - Administering its legal functions under the law.

The BSTC may transfer information collected by the it from Users to other government departments of the United Arab Emirates and, where the BSTC considers it necessary or is otherwise required by law, to entities in other jurisdictions or countries.

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