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FAQs - Tax Refunds for Tourists Scheme
What is DTS?
Why Is the UAE implementing a digital tax stamp (DTS) scheme?
What products will fall under the DTS?
Who will be required to register for DTS?
When will the scheme go live? And what are the key milestones?
What Global legislation and standards are behind the DTS scheme?
What actions will be taken against importers, manufacturers and distributors who fail to comply with the scheme?
How will the scheme actually work in practice?
When will affected businesses be able to register for DTS/Where can I find registration forms?
What is the process of ordering the stamp?
What is the validity period for the stamps?
Are there any limitation of number of stamps that can be ordered?
How do key manufacturers/distributors raise concerns or issues relating to the scheme, or have key questions addressed?
What help will retailers get from Manufacturers, Distributors and the Authority?
What will happen to retailers who sell tobacco without a tax stamp?
How will consumers know what to look out for?
What consumers should do in case they find cigarettes pack without codes?
Can Tourist Refund Scheme claims be validated 24/7 at all locations?
Who will provide the refund under the Tourist Refund Scheme at the airport?
Is a refund under the Tax Refunds for Tourists Scheme permissible on partially consumed goods? (Dates, chocolates, perfume)
Is a Refunds for Tourists Scheme permissible on partially used goods? For example, I start using my iPhone or have used perfume.
What happens if 5 boxes are on the Tax Free Tag, one box is consumed and 4 other boxes are exported?
Will tourists also pay VAT?
Is there a special refund for business visitors?
How can someone access UAE Tax legislation?
What other taxes is the UAE considering?
If the tourist does not have their passport details on them at the time of purchase, can the tax refund form be issued?
If the tourist has purchased goods and lost the invoice, can they come back to the merchant to issue a new Tax Free Tag?
Is it necessary to issue a Tax Free Tag for a tourist to get a refund?
Is the tourist expected to have the original passport?
Is there any refund for services i.e. watch repair etc.? What if a part has to be purchased for repair?
Can I claim a refund if the payment is made by my friend or relative using cash or credit card?
Can one claim the refund before getting to the point of exit from UAE?
If the refund is above AED 10,000, can the tourist claim a cash refund at the airport?
How many days will it take for a credit card refund?
Is a cash refund available on both the airside and landside at airports?
Is there any additional cost to get a refund on a credit card by Planet or my bank?
Is there any charge for a refund in cash?
What happens if there is no cash refund counter at the border point?
Who does the tourist need to contact if there is a delay in the refund?
Does the tourist have to present Tax Free Tags at the time of refund when leaving the UAE?
What happens if the tourist claims their VAT refund and a relative then tried to refund or exchange the goods?
What happens when a tourist buys a goods in the UAE and returns the goods in participating stores in the UAE or abroad (if allowed by the merchant)?
What are the timings of the merchant support help line?
Can a resident who has cancelled his resident visa and is on the grace period for one month claim VAT on items purchased after the visa is cancelled?
Can someone other than the tourist validate the Tax Free Tag and collect the refund?
Do goods have to be exported in original packaging?
Does a tourist require the physical Tax Free Tag or can he save the image of the Tax Free Tag and invoice on the mobile phone?
What does a tourist need to do to have the refund paid to the credit or debit card?
How can the tourist collect their refund?
How can the tourist track their refund?
How does the tourist know which shops offer Tax Free shopping?
How early can the tourist get their Tax Free Tag validated at the airport or port?
How much does a tourist have to spend to qualify for Tax Free shopping?
How much is the refund?
How much time does the tourist have to export the goods and have the Tax Free Tag validated?
If the tourist fails to obtain validation on exit, is there anything they can do?
Is there a limit on the number of items that a tourist can claim refund on? (e.g. 10 mobile phones)
Is there a maximum amount the tourist can spend?
Should goods be available for inspection at the exit points?
The tourist has obtained the Tax-Free Tag. What are the next steps?
What currency will the refund appear in on the tourist's card statement?
What does a tourist need to do to collect their refund in cash?
What happens if some goods are too large to carry and have to be shipped?
What happens if the refund cannot be collected at the point of departure because there is no time or there is a long queue?
What is validation or digital validation?
Where are the export validation points?
Will the tourist be able to claim a refund on things like restaurant meals or taxis?
What goods are eligible?
What if the tourist purchases the goods and then asks for the purchase to be added to an existing Tax-Free Tag? What if he asks on the following day?

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